Redondo Beach California Residence Inn

Torrance and Redondo Beach celebrate by offering Marriott Rewards members life-saving benefits with the SoCal Dream Package. The Residence Inn Hotel is an all-suite hotel offering a variety of amenities including a spa, fitness center, pool and outdoor terrace. The hotel is located at 2420 Marine Avenue and is operated by Evolution Hospitality of San Clemente, California, which owns and manages the other two hotels in the area, Residences at the Beach and Hotel Pacifica in San Diego. The Torrance Hotel was unveiled at a press conference in front of the hotel lobby on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

Road warriors and families can enjoy the luxury of an all-in-one suite at the Residence Inn Hotel in Redondo Beach, California. Each suite is designed for stays of five nights or more and has a fully equipped kitchen. In the suite, guests can work efficiently.

Torrance and Redondo Beach do not offer breakfast for guests, but we do have some great options, including Chef Inspired and Features.

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Visitors who book at least two nights (no Friday or Saturday required) will enjoy a floor-to-ceiling redesigned hotel suite with full service kitchen, private pool and spa. This makes the suite perfect for extended stays with loved ones during Hanukkah, Christmas or New Year's Eve. Reward members who have stayed at the Redondo Beach Residence Inn for the past two weeks will earn up to 1,000 bonus points. Rewards and points can be redeemed in any restaurant, bar, hotel, restaurant or other hotel shop.

Free weights and cardio equipment allow for strenuous workouts, while travelers can cool off and soak up the rays in the glittering outdoor pool. Leisure facilities include a full-service fitness centre, spa, gym, swimming pool and spa and outdoor fitness area.

Mix (tm), which offers free light snacks and drinks from Monday to Wednesday evenings. The hotel also offers family-friendly amenities, including a 24-hour business center, which provides access to a full-service office with fax facilities and a business library where guests can fax fax materials. It also offers its guests free Wi-Fi, free Internet access and free parking on the hotel parking lot, and has its own fax machine and fax machines.

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Torrance and Redondo Beach do not offer HRS guests any benefits, but you can use the following parking facilities. T - National Cellular Directory, which offers a wide range of mobile phones in the San Fernando Valley and is equipped with Wi-Fi, WiFi, mobile phones and cell towers, as well as other amenities.

To enhance the feeling of comfort while on the move, we offer our guests an inviting and functional public space to relax and collaborate. Our modern suites enhance the comfort and lifestyle of today's road travelers, offering guests enhanced amenities to maintain a healthy balance and routine during their trip. To enhance the feeling of a comfortable life - on and off the streets - guests have access to a wide range of amenities and amenities at the Redondo Beach Residence Inn, as well as a variety of outdoor amenities.

During the week, the evening events offer an open-air area where guests can socialize as much as they like, while enjoying light fare. The dining area extension offers a larger and more comfortable dining room and a new breakfast bar, allowing guests to enjoy their complimentary daily breakfast. As someone who has been to our property before, I am always interested in what others tell me. A 48-year-old Arizona man searched online for an archery tournament in Michigan and only accidentally stumbled across a local arm wrestling event.

More About Redondo Beach

More About Redondo Beach