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Macy's department stores will reopen several stores in Southern California with safety precautions for coronavirus, the chain said Thursday. Forever 21 announced on November 14, 2019 that the retailer will close all of its South Bay Galleria locations and close 111 stores. In December 2008, the department store chain Mervyn's closed all of its stores as a result of the bankruptcy, including the South BayGalleria, and it was also announced that Kohl's, a department store chain, had purchased 48 of the "Mervy's" properties, including the SouthBay Gallery property and the retail space formerly occupied by MVY's S. Macy's Dept. Stores, Macy's "will reopen several of our stores in Southern California with the coronovirus and security precautions in place," the chains announced in a press release on Wednesday, November 13, 2018.

In February 1955, the construction of the South Bay Galleria, the largest shopping center in Redondo Beach, California, was announced. The center included two freestanding department stores, a grocery store and a shopping center, all designed by Albert C. Martin & Associates. After Forest City bought half of the center in 2001, it sold it to Calpers in 2003 and changed its official name to "South Bayside Galleria." Meanwhile, the May Company stores changed their names to Robinson and May in 1993, and General Cinema built a 16-theater multiplex cinema at the site before selling the company to AMC Theatres in 2002.

The shops also included a grocery store, department store and pharmacy, as well as a gas station and an additional bonus: a cinema. The village has a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, restaurants and restaurants. If you rent a bike on the way, you can reach the village by riding along the beach, starting west of Riviera Village. I will cover one of the most popular shopping streets in Redondo Beach: the South Bayside Galleria.

Most buses stop at the South Bay Galleria Transit Center, located at Kingsdale Ave and Artesia Blvd. The Redondo Beach Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department also serve as the main bus stop for South Bayside bus service.

Macy's customers can also help provide a vital lifeline to vulnerable, home-bound seniors by donating to the COVID-19 Response Fund through or Meals on Wheels. Items purchased at Store Pick-Up via macYS. Com or the mobile app from Macy's are eligible for free pickup at the curb. Customers can pick up their orders at any of the stores in Redondo Beach and the South Bayside Transit Center.

With more than one million donations, every $10 donated helps provide much-needed meals to one of the nation's most vulnerable populations. Colleagues and customers of Macy's Inc. have donated millions of dollars to fight food insecurity and provide hundreds of millions of meals to those in need. To help those who need our help now and more and more, Macy's is inviting customers to round up their purchases to the nearest dollar (up to $99) and donate the difference directly to a local store - a select community food bank. Since March, our Bag of Hunger program has raised more than $1.5 million, including supporting more than 122,000 people around the world.

We use what our customers value above all else to create a unique in-store experience, from helping you find what you're looking for to making a memorable visit. We are always knowledgeable, helpful and willing to work with you, and we work hard every day in our stores in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Monica.

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